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Specifications for participants

Dear educational partners,

We invite you to participate with works (whether you agree with it), the International Symposium,, Nonviolence in school and community space „, which takes place in our county.
Coordinator and organizer County Resource Center and Educational Assistance Ialomita.
Promoting best practices on education for democratic citizenship education at schools in Romania and other countries.
General Objectives medium to long term:
– To inform about the causes and effects of violence from all quarters;
– To intervene in crisis situations that have the source educational domestic violence;
– To identify environmental factors that lead to violence in all its forms;
– To prevent risk behaviors;
– To find educational alternatives in combating school violence;
– To improve quality of life;

Papers will have to meet the following requirements:
• drafting work will be in A4 format, Word 2003, one-sided, single-spaced, with margins equal to 20 mm (text aligned, justified „), with diacritical marks, line spacing 1.5;
• Title will be written in capital letters (Times New Roman 14 Bold), centered;
• two rows of title will be written: the author and the school (Times New Roman 12 Bold);
• two rows of the author’s name begins writing paper (Times New Roman 12);
• Each participating teacher’s work does not contain more than 4 pages;
• References will be recorded at the end of the paper, in the following order: name author, title, publisher, city, year;
• Required teacher works will be accompanied by a summary in English (maximum 15 lines) and a photograph of the author, bust, as recent.

All the lectures will be found in volume Symposium, registered with ISBN and CIP description of NBR.
Responsibility for the contents published material lies with the authors.
All participating teachers will receive certificates of participation papers and symposium volume which includes the works of participants.
Exchange of experience is the first step in what will be permanent collaboration between new teachers.
I look forward your work email address that you know, up on 29.02.2013.
I also want you to make a multimedia presentation(PPT or film) with the presentation of your school, Opening Remarks of your Principal, the presentation of the teachers involved, photos of educational activities done by your students this year or the activities for preventing and controlling violence in your school.
Thank you for our collaboration, for the exchange of experience, and also, for your opening towards a current action for the education of both children and adults at a national and international level.

Best regards,
teacher Geta Raduta


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